100wc : …and the noise stopped…

” Whats that noise,” jenny whispered while squashed in the dark, dusty corner of the basement.
“sshhh,” I replie not sure of the correct answer. Sitting next to jenny in the corner of the room, I am staring at the small beam of moonlight comming from the little grate on the far wall. The noise is still going very softly but still noticable. The floor boards creek above us and Jenny and I jump. We can see the dust fall from where the foot would be stepping.
” he’s comming for the door,” Jenny whispers and starts to panic and breathe heavier. I don’t take any notice of her and try not pannic myself. The foot steps reach the door and jenny lets out a shreak but I cover her mouth. The door handle turns but the door dosn’t open. I breath in deeply… And the the noise stopped…

100 wc: MusoMic

…” We need to leave, right now,” Lachlan spoke in a low stern, voice started to walk swiftly in the oppisite direction.
“Come on Jess, lets go, we need to leave imedidiately,” Lachlan didn’t turn to look at her when he spoke.
“Jess, c’mon, lets go!”
Lachlan turned around then froze in absolute disbelief…There was no Jess behind him, just two dry foot prints left in the dry, dusty earth.


Inanimate Alice: About Alice

What do we know about Alice?
-she is a girl.
-she is, at the end of episode two, ten years of age.
-Her family moves around.
-she likes to draw and animate.
What don’t we know about alice?
-what she looks like
-her dad’s name
-Whereshe goes to school
What can we infer from the episodes so far?
This is my interactive picture of my predictions of episode three, Inanimate Alice:

Inanimate Alice Questions & Wonderings.

after reading episode one of the digital novel Inanimate Alice, I have many questions and wonderings about the textSome of my thoughts are listed.
What is the base camp? Why is it there?
Why isn’t dad back?
Where did dad go for his trip?
Why is dad looking for oil?
Who is Brad?
Why are they always moving?
What does dad do for a job? Was his trip for his job or for pleasure?
Why was dad by himself?Was the trip dangerous?
Why is Alice wondering what mum means by “thats a great idea, we’ll go out for supperto celebrate”?

100 wc

Ahh Sunday, my absolute favourite day of the entire week. No school, no where I have to be, pyjama’s all day and best of all… Pancakes for breakfast! I sprang out of bed and fled speedily to the table. I watched mum as she flipped the pancakes like the chefs do; once.” go mum!” twice.”Yah!” And three ti… this time mum flipped the pancake up but, instead of going down again, it was gone in a flash, or in precise terms, in a gulp. And it wasn’t a mystery who took it. “Fido!”

And these seven words make exactly one hundred.